What’s new in Lumion 2024?

March 26, 2024
March 26, 2024 Chip Render

Lumion 2024 came out just a few days ago. The developer says that Lumion 2024 will bring you the fastest and most powerful version of the software. There is a lot to unpack in this latest version. Before we dive in, take a look at the highlight feature below:

  • Ray tracing in real-time.
  • More than 5 times faster than ray-traced videos.
  • Translucent materials.
  • Subsurface scattering for ray tracing.
  • Fully ray-traced glass.
  • New glass material properties.
  • Colored glass shadows.
  • 2,200 ray-traced nature models.
  • 45 new characters.
  • Parallax interiors.
  • 100 new fine-detail nature models.
  • Improved landscape tiling.

Now, Chip Render will uncover what’s new in Lumion 2024 in detail.

Preview and Rendering Speed

Real-time ray-traced previews

Let’s begin with real-time ray tracing. Lumion 2024 adds a real-time denoiser in photo and movie mode. It allows you to spend less time waiting for previews to load, which also means more time to fine-tune your designs.

So, now you can see the previews of your renderings in almost real-time. Then you can make faster design decisions thanks to this instant feedback.

What’s new in Lumion 2024 - Real time ray tracing preview

Real-time ray tracing previews. Image source: Lumion

5x faster ray-traced video rendering

Lumion 2024 enables you to produce pretty similar quality output with ray tracing while using considerably fewer samples than in previous releases.

As a result, you will render video in a much shorter time (about 5 times). It is also easier to include realistic, dynamic animations in evaluating your design and presenting your project.

Fully ray-traced nature and glass


Whether you are working on a landscape, putting a building in its environment, or decorating an interior scene, nature plays a crucial role. It is the best way to produce realistic and attractive visual experiences.

Lumion 2024 introduces over 2,200 nature models in the Lumion library that are fully ray-traced. Thanks to these, you easily show how plants and vegetation interact with light in a precise way. Imagine sunlight streaming through the leaves of trees or the tree reflections in glass facades.

The fully ray-traced nature makes every shadow and reflection work together to portray the genuine beauty of natural components. Therefore, your visual storytelling is not only appealing but also convincing.

What’s new in Lumion 2024 - Ray traced nature

Over 2,200 nature fully ray-traced models. Image source: Lumion


In Lumion 2024, you can use the ray tracing technique to bring out the smallest of details in glass, create unique patterns, and mimic small changes seen in objects naturally.

In addition, fully ray-traced glass portrays how light interacts with glass surfaces along with how realistic reflections, refractions, and shadows appear on their own. Alternatively, you can paint with light and color by applying tinted glass materials.

What’s new in Lumion 2024 - Ray traced glass

Fully ray-traced glass. Image source: Lumion

Other glass improvements

Lumion 2024 also includes new features:

  • Colored glass shadows.
  • Glass properties.

The new and updated glass properties enable you to refine details even further.

Now you can set the thickness of your objects’ surface with the simulated thickness slider, and control the amount of light absorbed with the absorption slider. As well as adjust the index of refraction that appears with the enhanced distortion slider.

Better surface and landscapes

Translucent materials

Translucent materials in this latest version such as marble, polycarbonate, and textiles will provide refinement and depth to your designs. The way they interact with light has a significant impact on the ambiance of a space, making it easier for you to define the mood and draw attention.

What’s new in Lumion 2024 - Translucent materials

Translucent materials. Image source: Lumion

Subsurface scattering for ray tracing

Lumion 2024 makes it simple to improve the appearance of translucent materials using subsurface scattering. With ray tracing support, you can now capture the delicate interplay of light on these surfaces with amazing accuracy, giving them a greater feeling of depth, dimension, and realism. Every aspect, from the gentle diffusion of light across its surface to the depth and warmth it radiates, is easily apparent.

What’s new in Lumion 2024 - Subsurface scattering

Subsurface scattering for ray tracing. Image source: Lumion

Smoother landscapes

The new landscape tiling mode introduced in Lumion 2024 in the material editor is ideal for sculpting large-scale terrains. As it helps to create smooth, seamless surfaces by removing obvious tile boundaries and increasing realism.

New Parallax interiors

Parallax interiors is a new feature in Lumion 2024, with 25 brand-new, pre-made parallax interiors. You easily save valuable time since these are a simple and effective technique to add visual interest and complexity to your images.

You can choose from comprehensive, ready-to-use templates with themes based on retail locations, business environments, residential rooms, and hotel lobbies.

What’s new in Lumion 2024 - New parallax interiors

New Parallax interiors. Image source: Lumion

New library assets

The Lumion Library is the go-to and extensive resource for any Lumion user who needs to provide context for their scene. Lumion Pro has a total of 9,496 assets, including characters, objects, materials, nature items, and more.

Moreover, Lumion 2024 adds new models and materials that enable you to convey vivid stories and build emotional connections with audiences. The following table shows what is new to both Lumion Pro and Standard.

Lumion Pro Lumion Standard
Fine-detail nature items 100 new fine-detail nature

  • 18 fine-detail plants
  • 82 fine-detail trees
Materials 26 new brick materials 26 new brick materials
3D characters 45 new static characters 15 new static characters
Parallax interiors 25 new parallax interiors
Surface decals 130 new surface decals

Nature items

The new collection of 100 fine-detail trees and plants will instantly add vibrancy to your scenery. Models are carefully picked to reflect a wide range of biomes and geographical places, so you will find something for each scenario.

Many species have various variations, including varying stages of growth. This can help you vividly depict passing time or changing seasons in your visualizations.

Furthermore, fine-detail nature is now compatible with ray tracing. This means that every tiny feature, even the last leaf, is displayed with astounding realism.

What’s new in Lumion 2024 - New nature items

100 new fine-detail nature models. Image source: Lumion

3D Characters

3D Characters can elevate your scenes as they demonstrate how people will utilize, interact with, and navigate the environments you design. Therefore, adding realistic characters to your renderings is a great approach.

And in Lumion 2024, you can quickly contextualize your design with 45 new static characters. The new collection of people comes from varied backgrounds and a variety of positions, settings, and circumstances.

What’s new in Lumion 2024 - New characters

45 new 3D characters. Image source: Lumion

Improved User Interface and Workflow

Lumion’s most recent release comes with a variety of usability, user interface, and workflow improvements, to make your creative process smoother and more natural.

The new vertical sidebar allows for smooth transitions between photo, movie, and panorama modes. It also frees up valuable screen areas for editing and previewing your scenes. Plus, additional camera control and file-importing capabilities will potentially accelerate your workflow. In addition, new project templates and presets are good creative alternatives that you can explore and get inspired.

In particular:

  • Custom camera controls: You can use the same control scheme in Lumion as you do in your CAD software. Settings have been added for SketchUp, Revit, and Rhino.
  • Batch importing: Batch importing allows you to import numerous models at the same time, which will speed up your productivity. It combines with the phasing effect to simply demonstrate how various design aspects work together.
  • gLTF file compatibility: In Lumion 2024, you simply import gLTF file types into your scene. These models are typically lighter than other formats and enable the PBR workflow.
  • Grid overlays: With new grid overlays, you can create harmonious and visually appealing compositions that follow established design principles.
  • New example project: Obra Visual’s Museum Pavilion, which includes ray-traced glass, subsurface scattering, and parallax interiors, is ready for you to explore.
  • 8 new preset styles: These simple templates enable you to instantly balance light, color, depth, and dimension, saving you time and transforming your visualization with a single click.

Wrap up

In summary, the latest release Lumion 2024 will enhance your workflow efficiency with speed and realism. Its fully ray-traced, realistic previews enable rapid visual feedback on every design decision you make. Also, Lumion 2024 has expanded its ray tracing effect to work seamlessly with over 2,200 nature items, translucent materials, and colored glass.

And that is not all. With over 5x faster video rendering times for comparable quality, you will be able to produce amazing animations and presentations in half the time compared to the previous release.

So, how to get and use Lumion 2024?

Chip Blog logoIf your computer is average or barely meets Lumion 2024 minimum requirements, join Chip Render Farm and cut your render times several times with just a small investment from $2.9. Sign up now and leverage 1/2/4 x GPU RTX 3090 servers – powerful and affordable GPU rendering solutions for Lumion.

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