Lumion is a 3D rendering software that has been developed to integrate with CAD software. Its ease of use makes it suitable for designers and architects who want to render in-house. In addition, Lumion renders in real-time, making it an ideal tool to develop the look and feel of a product.

To enhance your renders, this 3D rendering software includes an extensive library of skies, water, grass, materials, plants, people, trees, and other assets. Impressively, Lumion can handle landscapes populated with thousands of these assets.

The extensive feature-set makes this 3D rendering software an excellent addition to any architect’s toolbox.


Chip Render Farm is a friendly and efficient CPU & GPU cloud rendering solution for all 3D artists. Whether you are a student, a freelancer or a creative studio, you can leverage our cutting-edge technology and hardware to make your deadline at a low cost.

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