Lumion vs Lumion Pro Comparison [Version 12.5]

November 28, 2023
November 28, 2023 Chip Render

At the end of May 2022, Lumion released version 12.5. As usual, there are two editions available, Standard and Professional. In this post, Chip Render will compare Lumion vs Lumion Pro and see which edition you should select and purchase.

This post is dedicated to the Lumion 12.5 version.

Lumion vs Lumion Pro Comparison

With a Lumion Pro license, you have full access to the whole collection of library content, features, and effects. Whereas, Lumion Standard has a limited selection of effects and one-third of the content library.

lumion vs lumion pro comparison 1

Below are the detailed differences between Lumion vs Lumion Pro.

Lumion Standard Lumion Pro
Price €1499 €2999
License Perpetual floating license
Object Library assets 2229 assets 6903 assets
Material Library assets 1243 materials

1357 materials, including 114 materials exclusive to Lumion Pro:

  • Customizable 3D grass material: 14
  • PureGlass® stock materials: 81
  • Fur: 10
  • Leaf materials: 9
Special effects 104 effects

112 effects, including 8 effects exclusive to Lumion Pro:

  • Speedray reflections
  • Concept: Outlines
  • Lighting: Volumetric Light for spotlights and omni lights
  • Sky & Weather: Aurora Borealis, Precipitation
  • Animation: Animated Phasing, Titles
  • Tools/Utilities: Sound
Surface decals x 142
3D ambient sound x 123 sound effects
Title effect styles 14 basic styles 27 styles
Text-in-3D-Scene x
Volumetric fire x 8
Lights and utilities 42 44
Area/Line lights x
PureGlass® x
Foliage for materials x
2D background sound/music (.wav) x

Merge project files

for team collaboration

Upgraded OpenStreetMap import

(with height and satellite maps)


Lumion vs Lumion Pro - FAQ

1. Where can I buy Lumion?

You can buy a Lumion license, Standard or Professional, directly on their official website or from your local reseller.

2. Can I try Lumion before buying?

Yes. You can try and use Lumion for free for 14 days with the Free Trial. This version, however, only includes limited features and 15% of the content library. Also, renders contain watermarks. After the trial expires, you need to buy a new license to continue using it.

lumion vs lumion pro comparison watersidevilla

Residential home interior, rendered in Lumion 12.

3. Are there any discounts for students?

Lumion provides educational licenses for full-time students, lecturers, and academic programs. This license is free and unlimited, including all the features, tools, and content in Lumion Pro. For students, the license is one year long. But you can renew it as long as you are still a student. In addition, renders are watermarked and can’t be used for commercial.

4. Is it possible to upgrade from Lumion to Lumion Pro?

You can upgrade from Lumion to Lumion Pro anytime and pay the difference in price between the two licenses. This is a great way to get started with a lower investment before committing to Lumion Pro. You can purchase an upgrade on their official website or from your local reseller.

5. Is Lumion license perpetual?

Yes. Lumion license is a lifetime license. You can use the license indefinitely and install it on multiple computers. You can use it on any of those computers, but not at the same time.

To sum up, the Standard version of Lumion has limited library content and effects, while the Lumion Pro version has all the content and features. This difference corresponds to their price. You should choose one edition suitable for your purpose and budget.

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