Lumion PC Recommendations

November 21, 2023
November 21, 2023 Chip Render

Whether you are buying a new PC/laptop, upgrading your current computer, or getting a custom build, finding the best hardware for boosting Lumion performance might be confusing. You have no idea what to choose. In this post, Chip Render will give you a few ideas about Lumion PC Recommendations before you start.

1. GPU (Graphics card)

GPU, or graphics card, is what shows your Lumion project on the computer screen. The GPU ensures a smooth and enjoyable frame rate (measured in FPS) when you are working on creating the model for your project. In addition, the GPU speeds up the rendering process so that you can get the image, video, or 360-degree panorama quickly and efficiently.

Lumion relies primarily on having an excellent graphics card. As a result, it is the only most effective thing you can do to enhance your Lumion experience and performance of the render results. Check out “Lumion 12 System Requirements” for more information.

Another important thing we must consider is the graphics card memory (VRAM). It will determine how many details, textures, and models can be loaded and processed. So the more VRAM you have, the better.

GPU recommendations for Lumion

lumion pc recommendations gpu nvidia rtx 3090

2. CPU (Processor)

While you are editing your project, the CPU will be working hard because it directs the GPU on what to display on your screen. The more complex your project is (having lots of details and objects), the more instructions your CPU needs to send to your graphics card.

Lumion benefits a lot from high single-core performance. So we do not need a CPU with many cores. It is better to have a CPU with good single-core performance. You are able to run Lumion with a CPU that clocks at 3.0 GHz or scores 2000 PassMark points, or higher. However, to keep up with a fast GPU, a CPU exceeding 2600 PassMark scores is recommended. 

CPU recommendations for Lumion

lumion pc recommendations cpu amd ryzen threadripper pro

3. RAM (System memory)

When a project or model is loaded in Lumion, RAM will be needed and used. The more RAM is available, the bigger and more detailed these loaded Scenes and models will be. 16GB of RAM is okay for simple scenes. But if you are doing large, complex scenes, this is not ideal.

RAM recommendations for Lumion: 64 GB+

lumion pc recommendations ram

4. Hard Drive

The Hard Drive’s speed will affect significantly how fast your models and projects are loaded. The faster, the better. NVME SSD drives are the latest technology.

Hard drive recommendations for Lumion: an m.2 NVME drive with 40 GB of free storage space. (Lumion itself needs about 20 GB of free storage space).


lumion pc recommendations hard drive

Image by Fierce PC

5. Power supply

A power supply provides the entire system with the electrical current at specific wattage and voltages. Each component must get enough to run well. If it doesn’t, the PC may shut down itself, restart, or run at a lower performance to compensate. Check out here the power supply you will need.

Power supply recommendations for Lumion: 1000-watt Gold- or Titanium-rated 80+

lumion pc recommendations power supply

Image by Tom’s Hardware

Lumion PC Recommendations - Wrap up

The above is all about Lumion PC Recommendations, including the graphics card, processor, system memory, hard drive, and power supply.

All things considered, a powerful GPU is the most important component for a great experience with Lumion. CPU, memory, and other specs also play a role, but a good experience begins with the graphics card.

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