You can earn points by referring people to use our service where we call you as our referrer.

1. Definitions

  • Referrer: A person who refers another person. In this case, you are our referrer.
  • Referee: A person who was referred by a referrer.

2. Benefits of a referrer

  • You’ll get a cash referral bonus (or Chip Render points) equivalent to 20% of the first payment value of your referees (*). From your referees’ second payment onwards, you’ll get 5% of their payments.
  • The affiliate program is valid for 1 year from the date of registration with a referral code.

For example, if your referee makes the first payment of $1000, you will get $200. For the second payment, with $2000, you’ll get 5% of $2000 worth $100.

3. Procedure

  • Open the Chip Render App » Select Payment
  • On the Payment » select Affiliate program.
  • Click the Affiliate code button in the center of the page to copy your Affiliate code.
  • Send your Affiliate code to other people who have never used our service before.

Affiliate program of Chip Render

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