#Redshift Render Engine

Redshift is a biased 3D rendering software that is based on GPU acceleration and used on projects like Overwatch or the Lego Movie. Redshift uses physically based materials that are compatible workflows of Allegorithmic Substance and Unreal Engine. Also, users can rely on a series of dedicated shaders for skin and hair. The lighting system is both highly flexible and realistic, with image-based environment textures providing light for entire scenes, and volumetric lighting to create dramatic effects. Speaking of which, Redshift’s support of volumetrics is based on OpenVDB rendering. To add to the realism, physical lens effects like ISO, shutter, and color balanced can be used. AOVs can be efficiently composited thanks to this 3D rendering software’s support of OpenExr. Due to its advanced output options, Redshift is an excellent 3D rendering software for creating complex shots.

  • Price$500
  • HardwareGPU
  • OSWindows, macOS, Linux
  • Plugin3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, Softimage


Chip Render Farm is a friendly and efficient CPU & GPU cloud rendering solution for all 3D artists. Whether you are a student, a freelancer or a creative studio, you can leverage our cutting-edge technology and hardware to make your deadline at a low cost.

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