Although an unbiased renderer, Octane combines fast rendering with quality. This is due to the 3D rendering software using NVidia graphic cards (GPU) instead of the CPU, like many other unbiased solutions. Bears the distinction of being among the fastest renderers (according to the website 10x to 50x). In practice, real-time viewports are the final renders. This stand out feature will boost your workflow as any changes are rendered instantly in full quality.

What is more, this 3D rendering software can even handle complex phenomena that are hard for other renderers’ problems. For example, it can handle subsurface scattering, depth-of-field, and motion blur without hiccups. The newest release includes Open Shader Language (OpenSL) and OpenVDB for particle simulation. Octane comes with a node-based material editor that suffers from occasional bugs.

Octane is a marvelous 3D rendering software because it can produce high-quality renders fast.


Chip Render Farm is a friendly and efficient CPU & GPU cloud rendering solution for all 3D artists. Whether you are a student, a freelancer or a creative studio, you can leverage our cutting-edge technology and hardware to make your deadline at a low cost.

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