Maya is a favorite among 3D animators due to its highly customizable user interface. It was used in many feature films like Transformers, or Harry Potter, in the TV series South Park, or Game of Thrones and video games like the Halo series. 3D models in Maya are represented by nodes that specify their relationships and attributes. This powerful 3D animation software allows for complex tweaks with only a couple of keystrokes. A sign of professional 3D animation software, Maya comes with a sophisticated CG compositing program (“MatchMover”) that allows users to combine 3D rendered elements with motion data from film sequences recorded on set by tracking the camera’s movement. In addition, it features a comprehensive tool to model complex objects like fur, hair, clothing, fluids, and particles.

In case you want some credentials before you subscribe to the admittedly expensive 3D animation software, it may interest you that the developers of Maya were honored three times with Academy Awards: In 2003 for Maya itself, in 2005 for the invention of subdivision surfaces, and 2008 for the fluid effects system.

This 3D animation software includes a very easy to use an auto-rig tool, that can even process quadrupeds and winged models. Setting up a character rig manually is often a painful process, as the weights for each bone have to be painted piecemeal. Maya relieves from this task and creates a sophisticated skinned and weighted rig that is ready for 3D animation. This 3D animation software also features various automation tools for animation along curves or paths, making 3D animation almost child’s play.


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