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Daz3D is a 3D animation software that is primarily gear towards hobbyists. That means this tool takes some short cuts to ease the workflow. You can either buy a ready model on the market place that appeals to you. Alternatively, you start with one of the preset models and modify it to your liking. Like similar programs, Daz3D has a host of tools to tweak every aspect of the base models, such as the build, size, and length of limbs. Once you are done styling it with a hair cut, and clothing your creation, you can set up complex scenes with items from a large library of props that covers many genres.

In terms of animation, Daz3D is loaded with a variety of tools. Motion capture data that can be edited to fit your needs is only one of many possibilities this 3D animation software has to offer. The puppeteer tool displays different poses as a node in a grid, allowing users to animate their model by shifting their mouse between these nodes. If you prefer, you can also assign different poses to your model in the timeline, and the program will generate the movements in between them automatically. In other words, 3D animation has never been more straightforward.

The great thing about this 3D animation software is that it is available free of charge. It is also worth mentioning the Daz3D offers a 3D Content Marketplace where you can buy and sell your models, poses, and props.


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