Free Texture Sites: 13 Useful Resources for 3D

January 20, 2024
January 20, 2024 Chip Render

Discover 13 Free Texture Sites – useful resources for 3D artists and designers.

A wide range of textures is essential for creating stunning 3D art, and developing a large library does not have to be difficult. It is now easier than ever to find high-quality textures matched to your project.

Chip Render has compiled a selection of great websites where you can easily acquire a vast collection of high-quality 3D textures that are totally free!

What are those Free Texture Sites for 3D? Let’s find out. is a platform offering over 1000 free seamless PBR textures with diffuse, normal, displacement, occlusion, and roughness maps. From standard categories like fabric, wood, and metal, to unique textures like lava, ice, and gems, this site has it all.

While each texture requires individual downloads, patrons enjoy the convenience of a one-stop download page for all textures.

Free Texture Sites

ambientCG - Free Texture Sites

ambientCG is an extensive library, housing a whopping 2263 assets under a CC0 license. It features a plethora of high-quality seamless textures equipped with PBR maps. Whether you are searching for common textures or unique finds, ambientCG has you covered.

Site owner Lennart Demes consistently adds new textures to keep your collection fresh and vibrant.

Free Texture Sites ambientCG

CG Bookcase

CG Bookcase is a treasure trove of over 500 PBR textures curated by Dorian Zgraggen. These high-quality textures are all completely free, without any restrictions. The website has a clean and well-organized design, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Moreover, you will enjoy the convenience of downloading textures and all maps without the need for account registration. The icing on the cake is the practical filtering function, which allows you to easily tweak texture results based on color and resolution.

Free Texture Sites CG Bookcase

Pattern Panda

Pattern Panda by Andreas Siess, offers a curated selection of just over one hundred high-definition seamless textures, emphasizing quality over quantity. Captured using Nikon D800 or Nikon D750 DSLR cameras, the textures span standard categories like wood, metal, and stone, while also featuring a distinctive assortment of paper and cardboard textures.

The site also features scratch marks that help to make your visualization stand out with realistic surface damage. Additionally, Pattern Panda presents a collection of HDRI skyboxes to enhance your visualizations.

While the textures are freely accessible, Creative Commons 4.0 attribution is required.

Free Texture Sites Pattern Panda


Even though Poliigon offers a limited number of free textures (56 at the time of writing), you can find a hidden gem in it. Because here, quality comes first, and the high-quality textures are a testament to that. Navigating their collection is a breeze, thanks to well-organized thumbnails and preview images. The user-friendly interface makes scrolling through options both easy and enjoyable.

Beyond the freebies, Poliigon offers paid textures available for individual purchase or through a convenient monthly subscription, granting access to a vast repository of over 3000 assets.

Free Texture Sites Poliigon

Poly Haven - Free Texture Sites for 3D

Poly Haven is a curated public asset library that opens the door to high-quality free textures, 3D models, and HDRIs. The best part? No need for account registration. You simply choose from over 400 available textures and start downloading.

Poly Haven covers an array of textures, from wood and floor to plaster, roofing, and terrain. The categorization ensures a seamless browsing experience, allowing you to explore and select textures effortlessly.

Free Texture Sites Poly Haven

Public Domain Textures

Public Domain Textures, crafted by Frederic Hoffmann, a gaming industry professional who truly grasps the transformative power of high-quality textures. Boasting a collection of over 180 free textures spanning various categories, the site stands out for its captivating snow and nature textures, which are perfect for infusing your projects with a touch of realism.

Free Texture Sites Public Domain Textures

Share Textures - Free Texture Sites

Share Textures is home to over 1400 textures continually refreshed with new additions. All textures and 3D models on the site are generously offered under the CC0 license, ensuring maximum creative freedom. While a substantial number of textures are free for all, some exclusive options are reserved for patrons supporting the site through a small monthly subscription.

Managed by a team of architects specializing in architectural visualization projects, Share Textures understands the unique needs of creatives like you. Dive into their curated collection and elevate your design endeavors.

Free Texture Sites Share Textures

SketchUp Texture Club

SketchUp Texture Club is a non-profit organization passionately managed by the Image Promotion Association. This user-favorite site offers a daily download limit of 15 low and medium-resolution textures. But the real treasure trove awaits Club Members, who, for a nominal annual fee (14 USD at the time of writing), can access up to 50 high-res textures daily.

SketchUp Texture Club offers an extensive library boasting thousands of textures, including architecture (16000), materials (4000), nature elements (1300), and backgrounds/landscapes (700). The possibilities for your personal and commercial projects are virtually endless.

Free Texture Sites SketchUp Texture Club

Texture Box

Texture Box is home to a vast collection catering to every surface of your project, whether it is an interior or an exterior rendering. You must check out their impressive tile collection. While some textures are available for free, exclusively for non-commercial projects, subscribers gain access to the full spectrum for a modest monthly fee.

The user-friendly interface simplifies navigation, ensuring you effortlessly find the perfect textures to elevate your designs.

Free Texture Sites Texture Box


Texturelabs is a platform where everything is currently up for grabs for both personal and commercial use. Navigating this texture haven is a breeze – the textures are thoughtfully organized, scrollable, and come in various formats and sizes. They are also available for downloading without the hassle of registration.

While you will discover common textures like metal, stone, and wood, adds a creative twist with unique categories such as atmosphere, water, sky, ink/paint, and soil.

Free Texture Sites Texturelabs

Texture Ninja

Texture Ninja is a diverse texture collection. Offering a whopping 5100+ free textures, all generously available under the public domain, this site is a treasure trove for 3D artists, designers, and architects alike. From the standards like wood, stone, plaster, and metal, to a myriad of other categories, Texture Ninja is your go-to resource for elevating your visual projects with high-quality textures.

Free Texture Sites Texture Ninja


Texturer is a haven for those seeking uniquely photographed textures. From railways to snow, pebbles to fabrics, and paper to concrete, this site offers a diverse range of categories. All these textures are currently free for both personal and commercial projects. Elevate your designs with distinctive textures that set your projects apart.

Free Texture Sites Texturer

Other resources:

The 13 free texture sites listed above are excellent resources. However, sometimes you do not have time to sift through a bunch of pages looking for the perfect texture. has got your back. Serving as a search engine tailored for efficiency, it scours through 13 of the largest free sites, including textures, HDRIs, and assets.

Just type in your search term, and let this engine do it for you. You will find precisely what you need without the hassle of navigating through numerous pages.

Wrap up

In summary, textures are necessary for making your models pop. Chip Render has gathered 13 cool Free Texture Sites that you can use for your beautiful images and animations.

Before downloading and using them, always ensure to be a responsible creator. Take a moment to read the licensing details of each texture, as they may come with specific terms and conditions. While many textures are generously provided under licenses like CC0, some may have nuanced requirements for commercial use.

Let these textures fuel your creativity while honoring the efforts of the talented individuals who share their work with the community.

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